Health and Safety Representatives Refresher OHS Training Course (VIC)

1 Day

Max Students:

Designed for:
Those who have completed the WorkSafe Victoria approved HSR Initial OHS Training Course.

Under the OHS Act 2004 (section 67) all elected HSRs and Deputy HSRs have an entitlement to attend an annual HSR Refresher OHS training course and (in consultation with their employer) choose the course they wish to attend. Under Section 67 of the Victorian OHS Act an employer, If requested, must allow an elected HSR and elected Deputy HSR to attend a WorkSafe approved HSR Initial OHS Training course on paid time, pay the cost of the course and any other associated costs.



Pre-entry Requirements:
Participants must have previously completed the Initial OHS VIC HSR 5 day training course.

The course provides an opportunity for HSRs to revisit aspects of the HSR Initial OHS Training course and refresh their knowledge of the importance of OHS in the workplace. The course is delivered by experienced safety practitioners who bring significant value to achieving the learning outcomes.

NSCA is approved to deliver the HSR Initial OHS Training course, on completion of this course a Certificate of Attendance will be issued by NSCA.


The course content covers:

  • Understanding the OHS Legislation and its application
  • Participating in the identification, prevention and control of the risks associated with work related violence.

There is no formal assessment associated with this course. A Certificate of Attendance will be issued by NSCA to participants who complete the day’s training.

Delivery Method:
This interactive training course includes scenarios and activities providing HSRs with the confidence, skills and knowledge to represent their co-workers (i.e. DWG) when raising health and safety concerns in relation to work related violence. Training will be delivered by NSCA within a public training facility.

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