Santos Fire Watcher 1.6 & 2.8

6 hours

Max Students:

Designed for:
This course covers both Santos Fire Watcher units and addresses the role of field students in response to and controlling minor emergencies at Santos sites

Unit 1.6 must be completed prior to Unit 2.8


Pre-entry Requirements:
Unique Student Identifier (USI) -
Fitness to participate

This training applies to personnel who are required to respond to fire on Santos sites and covers first response only


  • Identify Classes of fire and extinguishing methods
  • Types of Fire Extinguisher
  • Identify fire emergency and raise alarm
  • Initiate basic fire response
  • Notify responsible authorities

Units of Competency

MSMWHS205 Control minor incidents

MSMWHS212 Undertake first response to fire incidents

Students learning outcomes will be assessed using written and oral questions as appropriate and practical activities designed to simulate a workplace incident

Delivery Method:
Classroom theory via PowerPoint presentations, including audio visual material and practical activities that simulate workplace incidents relating to fire.

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