Operate Breathing Apparatus

1 Day

Max Students:

Designed for:
Our nationally accredited Breathing Apparatus training courses are designed for employees who may be required to utilise Breathing Apparatus equipment - in areas such as a confined space, with hazardous gases/vapours, in an anoxic atmosphere or for other applications requiring the wearing of breathing apparatus. This unit of competency applies to an individual working alone or as part of a team or group and working in liaison with other shift team members and the control room operator, as appropriate.



Pre-entry Requirements:
Participants MUST be clean shaven as per AS1715 Sect. Facial Fit, General.
Appropriate safety footwear.
Long pants, long sleeves
USI that can be verified to ensure release of Statement of Attainment
Fitness to Participate declaration.
Sufficient language, literacy and numeracy skills to complete the course

Participants who attend this course will wear Breathing Apparatus, be taught operating procedures and will observe a high emphasis on safety and emergency procedures. Regular Breathing Apparatus Refresher training courses are recommended under Australian Standard 1715-2009. The frequency of retraining will depend on the complexity of the program and the degree of the hazard, however as a minimum should be considered at least annually. This training course from the Manufacturing Training Package and covers the skills and knowledge required to operate and maintain breathing apparatus and equipment in an irrespirable atmosphere, as defined by the Australian Standard AS/NZS 1715 Selection, use and maintenance of respiratory protective equipment. This course is designed for operators who are required to wear breathing apparatus because they are working: • In a confined space • With hazardous gases/vapours • In an oxygen deficient atmosphere • In other situations requiring the wearing of breathing apparatus Operators may also be required to wear breathing apparatus in emergency situations, however, this is not the focus of this training programme


Note: Students will require a cleanly shaven face in order to complete the practical elements of the course.

The standard (AS 1715-2009) outlines in depth the policy around facial hair and includes a diagram where students are to be clean shaven/side burns length.

The following items are covered during the conduct of the training:

  • Hazardous environments that require breathing protection
  • Relevant Australian Standards, Regulations explained
  • The Human respiratory system
  • Types of Breathing Apparatus
  • Communication Procedures
  • Risk Assessments and hierarchy of Hazard Control
  • Breathing Apparatus Key components
  • Calculation working duration & emergency escape times
  • Using Breathing Apparatus Control Tally Boards
  • Breathing Apparatus Safety & Entrapment Procedures
  • After Use Cleaning, Maintenance & Testing Procedures
  • Search & Rescue   

CITB Funding SA courses only. To enrol into a CITB funded course, please contact the SA Training Coordinator on 1800 655 510 or email training@fsaus.com.au.

Unit of Competency

MSMWHS216 Operate breathing apparatus

Competence in this unit will be assessed by practical activities using breathing apparatus in workplace scenarios and will involve theoretical and targeted questioning. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be issued with a Statement of Attainment.

Delivery Method:
Classroom theory via PowerPoint or the issued learner resource including use of audio-visual material and practical activities involving breathing apparatus.

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