Breathing Apparatus Courses

Operate Breathing Apparatus

Participants who attend this course will wear Breathing Apparatus, be taught operating procedures and will observe a high emphasis on safety and emergency procedures. Regular Breathing Apparatus Refresher training courses are recommended under Australian Standard 1715-2009. The frequency of retraining will depend on the complexity of the program and the degree of the hazard, however as a minimum should be considered at least annually. This training course from the Manufacturing Training Package and covers the skills and knowledge required to operate and maintain breathing apparatus and equipment in an irrespirable atmosphere, as defined by the Australian Standard AS/NZS 1715 Selection, use and maintenance of respiratory protective equipment. This course is designed for operators who are required to wear breathing apparatus because they are working: • In a confined space • With hazardous gases/vapours • In an oxygen deficient atmosphere • In other situations requiring the wearing of breathing apparatus Operators may also be required to wear breathing apparatus in emergency situations, however, this is not the focus of this training programme

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