Online Training

NSCA sets the standard for online safety training offering a wide range of online safety courses for individuals or organisations. These courses offer all the content and quality of our traditional classroom training courses without the associated travel and time costs. 

Please note NSCA Foundation Member discounts do not apply to Online Training courses. 


Our course offering includes:

WHS Qualifications 

The NSCA offers a range of WHS Qualifications that can be completed by both online or through our public course offering. To view the WHS Qualifications public courses click here 

Our WHS Qualification courses are designed to give learners practical knowledge and skills to enable the provision of valid and timely WHS advice and assist with improving safety in the workplace. Individuals are either in a WHS role, or wanting to secure a WHS role, working under limited supervision and may provide leadership and guidance to other relating to WHS matters.

Our range of WHS Qualifications include;


Fatigue Management

Fatigue is a significant contributor to workplace incidents, accidents and deaths. The following courses provide participants the skills to learn how to recognised the symptoms of fatigue and act upon them to minimise the likelihood of an incident.


Human Resources

Our range of Human Resource online courses will enable you to work safer in the workplace. 


Manual Handling

NSCA's and Aveling's Manual Handling courses demonstrate correct manual handling techniques in relevant workplace scenarios specific to you industry, to help manage and minimise manual handling risks at work. 


Risk Management

Effective risk management is essential to your safety and the safety of those you work with. Do you know how to identify, assess, control and monitor workplace hazards?



Do you use road transport for any part of your business? Our range of Transport online courses are designed to educate participates on the Chain of Responsibility legislation and managing fatigue.


Workplace Essentials 

Our Workplace Essentials online courses will assist participates in understanding the risks associated with sun exposure, electrical safety and other general health and safety issues.